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These music business contracts have been written and reviewed by the staff of IMAII and Media Media Inc. for ease of use anywhere in the United States. We have created these so they are easy to modify for all music business situations.
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Actor Release

Agency Booking Agreement

Agency Booking Agreement II

Agreement of Limited Partnership

Agreement of Obligation to Pay

Ancillary Agreement (360 degree)

Artist Publicity Agreement

Artist Recording Contract

Artist Recording Contract II

Artist Tech Rider

Artist-Master Producer Contract

Artist-Producer Contract

Artist-Record Company Contract II

Artist-Record Company Contract III

Artist_Band-Record Company Contract

Assignment of Copyright

Assignment of Copyright II

Band Booking Agreement

Beat Agreement I

Booking Contract

Broad Rights Contract

Broad Rights Contract II

Broadcast Release

Commercial (Jingle) Production Agreement

Commercial Music Contract

Commercial Music Contract II

Composer’s Contract

Concert Performance Contract

Confidentiality Agreement

Consignment Agreement

Consulting Agreement

CoPublishing Contract

Copyright Assignment-Publisher to Publisher

Copyright Assignment-Publisher to Songwriter

Copyright License and Contract

Copyright License

Designer Contract

Digital Distribution Agreement

Distribution Agreement

Distribution Contract

DJ Agreement

DJ Services Contract

DJ Services Contract 2

Employment Contract

Event Performance Checklist

Exclusive Agent-Musician Contract

Exclusive Songwriter Agreement

Executive Emploment Agreement

Feature Film Offering

Festival Entertainment Agreement

Film Synchronization Contract

Film Synchronization Contract II

Foreign Agency Agreement

General Partnership Contract

General Partnership Agreement II

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Contract

Joint Venture Contract

Joint Venture Agreement

Location Release

Management Agreement I

Management Agreement II

Master Agreement Receipt

Master Track License

Master Use Recording License

Merchandise Licensing Contract

Music Video Contract Rider

Non Disclosure Agreement Reciprocal

Notary Form

Parental Consent Form

Partnership Contract

Payment Obligation Contract

Performance Contract – Theatric

Personal Management Contract

Photographer Contract

Photographic Work for Hire

Power of Attorney

Producer-Composer Contract

Producers Lien on Master

Producers Letter of Agreement

Production-Distribution-Promotion Contract

Public Access Video Release

Publisher Royalty Sharing Agreement

Publisher Royalty Attachment

Publisher-Record Company Contract

Publisher-Royalty Sharing Contract

Radio Performance Release

Record Company-Producer Contract

Recorded Video Performance Release

Recording Contract (Exclusive)

Recording Mechanical License

Royalty Payment Schedule

Single Song Option Contract

Sound Contracting Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement II

Sub Publishing Agreement

Talent-Model Release

Termination of Agreement

Venue Booking Agreement

Vocalist Contract

Work For Hire