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THIS AGREEMENT is for the services of music and/or entertainment described below between the undersigned parties, effective this __________ day of ________, 20__.

The FIRST PARTY hereby assigns and transfers to SECOND PARTY all of its rights, title and interest in the musical composition entitled:


written and composed by_______________________________________________.

Composition was copyrighted on _________________, _______ and registered with the Copyright Office of the United States on __________________, _____, under Copyright Entry, Class E, Copyright Number ________________________________.

Compensation for said assignment of copyright, together with any and all existing copyrights in the United States, Canada and throughout the world shall be the sum of _________________________ ($_____________) and shall be considered payment in full.

GOVERNING LAW: This AGREEMENT shall be governed by the laws and in the courts of the State of _____________ and by the laws of the United States, excluding their conflicts of law principles. Any dispute or legal proceeding regarding the Agreement shall take place in the county of _____________, in the State of _________________.

Your signature below will constitute this as a binding agreement between us.

DATED:  _______________________



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