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Regional and national compilation of contests anywhere.

College Radio Guide with contact information.
Indie Artists Alliance has developed the most up to date listing of U.S. College Radio Stations.
It’s a fact! Without the backing of a major record label, most Indie artists will never get airplay on mainstream radio. Why? Because in the big business of music, cash (for promotion) is king and struggling performers usually don’t have much.
That doesn’t mean there are no other exposure opportunities out there. One avenue for Indie artists to get their tunes spun on the airwaves is college radio. There are hundreds of these stations in the United States looking for quality music to broadcast — in all genres. That doesn’t mean they will play everything that lands on their desk, but as a rule, college radio stations are open to giving new songs a chance if they believe they will appeal to their audience.
We list stations, detailed up-to-date information, as well as submission and genre information.
Radio play means more CD, digital media sales and gigs…this guide will help you to locate radio stations looking to play YOUR music.

Over 100 magazines and webzines that will review your music
Music industry contacts including music supervisors, movie studios and more.
|We are rapidly building this comprehensive list of music supervisors, movie and TV studios looking for music.

Music Supervisors on Twitter
We’ve put together a list of Music Supervisors on Twitter so you can stay connected and see who has opportunities for you to submit your music.

How-to articles:
How to create your own Digital Download Cards, QR Code integration and marketing,

Resource Directory
Over 300 resources, tutorials, associations, directories for Independent Musicians.

Press Releases
Post your Press Releases for free with a feed to our twitter, Facebook, Indie Artists Alliance on LinkedIn pages along with a link in our Music newsletter.

Music Contracts for Musicians, Managers, Labels and Promoters

If you are an Independent Musician, it’s important to put your agreements in writing.

Help manage to expectations and keep everyone knowing what their roles are, what is expected of them and how they will get paid by using one of the many music contracts on our site. Whether you are new to the business or are a long time professional, you have to get it in writing.  Written in easy-to-understand language and fully modifiable. This means you can create additional contracts from the contracts in this book by deleting and merging paragraphs, or using the agreements as-is, you will have a wealth of contracts at your fingertips.,

These music business contracts have been written and reviewed by the staff of Indie Artists Alliance and Media Media Inc. for ease of use anywhere in the United States. We have created these so they are easy to modify for all music business situations

Actor Release
Agency Booking Agreement
Agency Booking Agreement II
Agreement of Limited Partnership
Agreement of Obligation to Pay
Ancillary Agreement (360 degree)
Artist Publicity Agreement
Artist Recording Contract
Artist Recording Contract II
Artist Tech Rider
Artist-Master Producer Contract
Artist-Producer Contract
Artist-Record Company Contract II
Artist-Record Company Contract III
Artist_Band-Record Company Contract
Assignment of Copyright
Assignment of Copyright II
Band Booking Agreement
Beat Agreement I
Booking Contract
Broad Rights Contract
Broad Rights Contract II
Broadcast Release
Commercial (Jingle) Production Agreement
Commercial Music Contract
Commercial Music Contract II
Composer’s Contract
Concert Performance Contract
Confidentiality Agreement
Consignment Agreement
Consulting Agreement
CoPublishing Contract
Copyright Assignment-Publisher/Publisher
Copyright Assignment-Publisher/Songwriter
Copyright License and Contract
Copyright License
Designer Contract
Digital Distribution Agreement
Distribution Agreement
Distribution Contract
DJ Agreement
DJ Services Contract
DJ Services Contract 2
Employment Contract
Event Performance Checklist
Exclusive Agent-Musician Contract
Exclusive Songwriter Agreement
Executive Emploment Agreement
Feature Film Offering
Festival Entertainment Agreement
Film Synchronization Contract
Film Synchronization Contract II
Foreign Agency AgreementGeneral Partnership Contract
General Partnership Agreement II
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Contract
Joint Venture Contract
Joint Venture Agreement
Location Release
Management Agreement I
Management Agreement II
Master Agreement Receipt
Master Track License
Master Use Recording LicenseMerchandise Licensing Contract
Music Video Contract Rider
Non Disclosure Agreement Reciprocal
Notary Form
Parental Consent Form
Partnership Contract
Payment Obligation Contract
Performance Contract – Theatric
Personal Management Contract
Photographer Contract
Photographic Work for Hire
Power of Attorney
Producer-Composer Contract
Producers Lien on Master
Producers Letter of Agreement
Production-Distribution-Promotion Contract
Public Access Video Release
Publisher Royalty Sharing Agreement
Publisher Royalty Attachment
Publisher-Record Company Contract
Publisher-Royalty Sharing Contract
Radio Performance Release
Record Company-Producer Contract
Recorded Video Performance Release
Recording Contract (Exclusive)
Recording Mechanical License
Royalty Payment Schedule
Single Song Option Contract
Sound Contracting Agreement
Sponsorship Agreement
Sponsorship Agreement II
Sub Publishing Agreement
Talent-Model Release
Termination of Agreement
Venue Booking Agreement
Vocalist Contract
Work For Hire

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