Download: General Partnership Contract

The undersigned, desiring to form a partnership, hereby make the following agreement:

General Partnership name:

Nature of the business venture:

Principal business location:

Name and address of each General Partner:

Name   Address

Each partner shall contribute cash and property, and shall receive percentages of the net profit/loss of the partnership as follows:

Partner   Cash   Property   % of Net Profit/Loss


Each partner may make additional contributions to, or withdrawals from, the capital of the partnership if agreed upon by all the partners.

The partnership shall continue as long as the partners desire.

In the event of retirement, expulsion, bankruptcy, death, or insanity of a general partner, the remaining partners shall have the right to continue the business of the partnership under the same name by themselves, or in conjunction with any other person or persons whom they may select.

The partners have the right to admit additional partners by unanimous decision only.

DATED: _______________________


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