Download: Event Performance Checklist

Date of Event  
Event Start and End Times  
Name(s) of Special Guests  
Client Name:  
Home Phone  
Work Phone  
Cell Phone  
Coordinator’s name  
Coordinator Phone  
Event Location #1/Address  
Event Location #2/Address  
Musicians included  
Special Request from the celebrants  
Performance Fee  
 If possible, please include a map of the venue indicating setup location.  
Terms and Conditions  
• Each musician needs microphone with stand. This is to be worked out with the sound system operators.  
• Agreed amount or 25% of total price shall be paid as a deposit/reservation fee, which is due upon agreement.  
• Clients are not yet reserved for the event  until the deposit and balance is paid. Balance is payable before or on the day of the event.  
• In the event that the occasion is cancelled, deposits/reservation fee is not refundable.  
• Song limit is ______ songs for the whole period (start to end)  
*Consultation may be thru email or over the phone or in person regarding details such as instrumentation or music selections.  
**Any amendments to this contract must be in writing and signed by all parties  

Signed by

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Musician/Agent  for Musician                                     Client