US Rapper Lvndxnisdevd Launches a Fundraising Program to Raise $2,000

Lvndxnisdevd announces a $2,000.00 fundraising program for people in need this holiday season. He is also celebrating 100 million streams in only 60 days on SoundCloud.

Sacramento, CA – A US Hip-hop artist well-known with the new single ‘Real Deal,’ Lvndxnisdevd has announced a fundraising program This fundraising program aims at less fortunate people this holiday season and welcomes all kind-hearted people to set aside their money to help people in need. “I created a fundraiser on my Paypal to help those less fortunate this holiday season. I encourage and remind people that this is a time of giving and togetherness and how if your music doesn’t bring people together, then it’s everything but music,” said Lvndxnisdevd.

The Lvndxnisdevd fundraising page has been online now. This fundraising program aims to raise a $2,000.00 fund until 12/05/2021 for the Community Outreach Fund for Homeless. Lvndxnisdevd said the program would be giving out giant cookie orders from Crumbl the eatery. It is also dedicated to Young Dolph, a rapper killed outside of a cookie shop in Memphis and who was loved by many. Besides being a well-known musician and internet personality, Lvndxnisdevd was a social worker, and this holiday season is the right time to give back to the community. For Lvndxnisdevd, the community is more important now than ever, and music is a way to communicate with people.

Lvndxnisdevd, aka Landon Bissett, is a noted US-independent hip-hop musical artist. He is a multi-genres sensation and created multiple styles of music. His musical genres range from aggressive rap/rock, underground rap scene, heavy metal, and acoustic. In 2021 Lvndxnisdevd has released eleven singles. Lvndxnisdevd is also proud of achieving 100 million streams in only 60 days on SoundCloud.

About Lvndxnisdevd
Lvndxnisdevd, aka Landon Bissett, is an American singer-songwriter who has over 100 million streams in just 60 days on SoundCloud and got verified in 3 weeks. He was born in Reno, Nevada, 29 years ago. Lvndxnisdevd is a prolific singer-songwriter with 80K followers on Instagram and 32K monthly listeners on Spotify. His music presents enhanced lyrical craftsmanship and musical versatility for all listeners to enjoy the vibes and atmosphere. His latest release, ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’, has already been published on all digital streaming platforms. For more information about Lvndxnisdevd, please visit all Lvndxnisdevd social media profiles and his fundraising program


Community Outreach Fund for Homeless

To bring my skills as being the Downtown Reno Partnerships most colorful licensed clinical social outreach of downtown Reno – to the far more spread out chronic transient and under hard times homeless population in Sacramento, CA. The area is to big and needs an ambassador presence.