Upcoming R&B Artist, NIAL THE ARTIST Showcases New Eps and Singles in 2021

Rising R&B artist NIAL THE ARTIST introduces numerous mesmerizing singles and EPs released in 2021. His latest release, titled ‘DENIAL’, is ready to enjoy on all music streaming platforms.

R&B singer-songwriter and producer NIAL THE ARTIST is proud to introduce his latest EPs and singles in 2021. NIAL THE ARTIST presents his best musical composition and a unique approach in his latest EP release titled ‘DENIAL’. The album consists of six stunning songs that take listeners ready to chill and dance. “Thank you for listening to my songs. I’m pleased to introduce new EPs and singles this month. ‘DENIAL’ is ready to enjoy on global music streaming platforms. Stay tuned and wait for my upcoming songs. There will be a lot of interesting song releases.” Said NIAL THE ARTIST.

NIAL THE ARTIST managed to make great musical compositions and strong lyrics on his latest album, ‘DENIAL.’ The album is available on worldwide music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, TIDAL, and more. The album consists of six captivating songs; ‘ACT1:DENIAL’, ‘DANGEROUS GAME’,’ SRT’,’ SWEET SYMPHONY’, ‘FACE 2 FACE’, ‘FROM COLUMBUS, and WITH LOVE [OUTRO].

NIAL THE ARTIST is a genius musician with dynamic and enriching musical compositions. His slow beats, great music composition, and fantastic lyrics blend into numerous stunning songs. NIAL THE ARTIST’s professional career in the music industry began when he became a music engineer, producer, and prolific R&B singer. His debut single in 2020, titled ‘PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE’, marks his musical journey into a professional R&B artist and is increasingly known, followed by other albums, EPs, and singles releases. NIAL THE ARTIST’s popular releases include an album released in 2021 titled ‘ANNIALATE’, EP Album’ FEARLESS’, and other singles like ‘GOLDEN BODY’,’ EYES BLOODSHOT’,’ FACE2FACE’, and more.

NIAL THE ARTIST is an R&B singer-songwriter, music engineer, and producer. Recently he released a long-awaited EP album titled ‘DENIAL’. For more information about NIAL THE ARTIST, please follow his Instagram profile @NIALTHEARTIST or visit the NIAL THE ARTIST Music Apple page music.apple.com/us/artist/nial-the-artist/1500973312.

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