Returning to Music with the Single “Forced To Leave”: Introducing to the World The Lovecat

Releasing back to back songs while putting his heart and soul into his music, up-and-coming artist The Lovecat is all set to make a comeback and take over the world of music

Rome, Italy – October 16th, 2021 – Emerging artist The Lovecat is an extremely talented and qualified musician from Italy. With especial expertise in Alternative music and years of experience in hand, the artist can be seen as a massive force to be dealt with in the musical world. The artist released his brand new single titled “Forced To Leave” last year for his fans to enjoy.

With the release of the song in March 2020, the artist is hoping for his sound to get out there in the world and reach the people who need it the most. The song depicts The Lovecat’s life experiences and struggles along with optimistic messages that might help someone going through a rough patch in their life. Available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world, “Forced To Leave” is inclined towards the Alternative side of music. Apart from the digital version, a music video for the song was also released. It was uploaded on YouTube on March 6th, 2020, and has managed to gather more than 10k views so far. With such impressive figures across all platforms, “Forced To Leave” was bound to be a smash hit of The Lovecat’s musical career. The story behind the birth of the song is extremely inspiring and that’s one of the reasons why the song serves as a source of motivation and encouragement for people going through tough times. The talented artists had completely given up before it struck him that he has to work on his passion as it’s a matter of now or never.

The Lovecat decided to get up and the project was born on the rainy nights of November from some material he had accumulated in the drawer for years. That’s how his full-length album titled ‘Under Dark Clouds’ came into being. Shortly after the making of the album, it was released for worldwide consumption for music lovers around the world to enjoy and take inspiration from. ‘Under Dark Clouds’ is a Dark Pop-Style album in the cure 90s, designed as a tribute to a period now. The album was concluded with a good deal of nostalgia clearly noticeable in the tracks.

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Massimiliano is a talented musician from Italy with incredible excellence in Alternative music. He was born as a bassist and singer. Though, over the years, he studied other instruments as well including electronic drums, guitar, and keyboard.

He doesn’t really have the presumption to play the instruments live as he only recorded the parts within his home walls. This is how the album he proposed was born.


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