Unique Blend of Country Rhythms and Sounds- Brian Iannucci Mesmerizes with New Record ‘Double Felony’

A true virtuoso- Brian Iannucci’s inventive new record ‘Double Felony’ brings a refreshing undercurrent to Country music

Saint Johns, Florida —September 2nd, 2023 – Brian Iannucci’s eclectic sound and pianistic virtuosity are redefining the country music genre, beckoning music enthusiasts to embark on a transformative auditory adventure.

With a mix of country, pop, and blues in his repertoire, Brian has etched a distinct and captivating niche in the industry. His musical journey, punctuated by a remarkable pianistic touch, reinvents the country genre.

Brian’s latest album, “Double Felony,” delivers a fantastic opus comprising 24 tracks that underline his versatility as a musician. “Double Felony” is an auditory journey through the heart of his musical prowess, which was recorded at Omni Sound Studio on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee.

The new album comprises tracks that span his career over the past five years, with the lead single- “Pour One Out,”- being emblematic of Iannucci’s modern take on country music. The song has already been embraced by numerous radio stations and invites comparisons to icons like Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, and Luke Combs.

Among the standout tracks is “Red, White, and Blue,” a patriotic anthem that delves into the prevailing divisions and strife within the United States. It passionately calls on listeners to unite and repair the nation’s fabric, making it a resonant anthem for patriots.

This evocative composition exemplifies Iannucci’s ability to craft music that is emotionally and politically charged, transcending the realm of mere entertainment. Brian Iannucci’s path to musical success is an intriguing one.

Just over a year ago, Brian embarked on another exciting chapter in his musical journey. It was here that his good friend, Jim Scarbrough, proposed the establishment of a music company focused on songwriting, lyrics, and music promotion.

Thus, “Mootown Cowboy” was born! Brian remains immensely proud to have released the inaugural album under the Mootown Cowboy label, eagerly anticipating its success.

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Despite nurturing a profound love for music since his youth and boasting impressive piano and vocal talents, Brian Iannucci did not pursue a musical career until later in life. His academic journey took him to the University of Florida, where he majored in Political Science and after graduation, embarked on a career in sales and sales management.

Brian later earned an MBA from Liberty University and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Northcentral University. The prolific artist’s academic pursuits eventually led him to become a college professor, where he currently imparts knowledge in Business and Leadership courses on a full-time basis.

The turning point in Brian’s musical odyssey occurred when he received a baby grand piano as a gift from his wife upon completing his Ph.D. For the past eight years, the seasoned artist has continually graced the stage with over 150 performances annually, primarily in a piano bar setting.


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