Feel the Rhythm of Electronic, Funk, and Miami Bass- Pioneer of Bass Music M.C.A.D.E Stuns with New Single

“Let’s Get It” is a record that displays 4-Sight Records’ stunning leading man’s takes on the Funk and Electronic genre

MIAMI, FL —September 4th, 2023 – An iconic American music producer and rapper, M.C.A.D.E. is the face of dynamic label 4-Sight Records. Reinventing the hip-hop sub-genre of bass since his groundbreaking debut in 1985 with “Bass Rock Express,” the eclectic artist is set for his musical journey.

With his new single “Let’s Get It” set to be complemented by a highly anticipated video on September 3, 2023, the artist is looking forward to touring across Brazil in November and December. Poised to take the world by storm, M.C.A.D.E is also gearing up for a European tour in the summer of 2024, promising nothing less than the best of his artistry.

Mesmerizing audiences with several exciting records such as “Bass Rock Express,” “Bass Mechanic,” “How Much Can You Take,” “Da’train,” “Nightmare on A.D.E. St,” and “A.D.E. Got It Going On,” M.C.A.D.E has become an iconic sensation.

The talented artist’s renditions and adaptations in places as far-flung as the U.K., Germany, Asia, and Brazil, have led to him being hailed as the Godfather of Bass Music. Bass music, which M.C.A.D.E laid the foundations of, has become a centerpiece of modern, contemporary music, powering some of the biggest hits today.

M.C.A.D.E’s legacy remains fascinating as he continues to inspire the youth of tomorrow with conscious and motivational music. The artist understands the profound responsibility he carries as an artist and aims to provide uplifting tunes for future generations.

Join us as we embark on an an unforgettable music journey with M.C.A.D.E! Stay tuned for his new single, the upcoming video release, and electrifying tours in Brazil and Europe. For media inquiries, please contact: 4-Sight Records and follow M.C.A.D.E on social media for updates and exclusive content!



M.C.A.D.E is a trailblazing singer-songwriter and artist who has years of experience recording on the 4-Sight record label, owned by his father Billy Hines, which became crucial for his influential tracks. The artist’s name, M.C.A.D.E, stands for Adrian Does Everything, a title that reflects his remarkable versatility as both a rapper and a producer.

At the tender age of 13, M.C.A.D.E stumbled into the music studio while accompanying his father during the production of another artist’s project. His latent talent for music emerged when he was asked for his opinion on a track. In response, he boldly declared that he could do it differently. This daring declaration led to the creation of a new track, which would become 4-Sight’s inaugural record and an instant hit. It was this fateful moment that sparked M.C.A.D.E’s incredible journey into music.

4-Sight Records is an independent record label dedicated to empowering and promoting growing yet exceptional musical talent. With a focus on artists who redefine genres and push boundaries, they aim to deliver groundbreaking music that resonates with audiences around the world.


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