Explosive Music from Rising Artist Spins a Unique Modern Take on Christian hip Hop.

New York, New York — Explosive Music from Rising Artist Spins a Unique Modern Take on Christian Hip Hop.

Harlem, New York, 10/01/2023 – Drops The All Saints Project re-release, and multiple singles, like God’s 10 Commandments and Dump Trump, from rising artist AJ Smith, demonstrates a unique and modern take on Christian Hip Hop music.

These tracks showcase AJ Smith’s impressive musical style and provide a refreshing take on the Christian Hip Hop genre.
AJ Smith has been a rapper since age 7, cultivating a love and appreciation for Christian Hip Hop music. His experience performing allows  AJ Smith to create a sound that combines modern elements with a classic Hip Hop feel. The result is truly something special.

These new track is the latest in a long line of impressive works from  AJ Smith, he is always looking to push the envelope and bring new ideas to the Christian Hip Hop music table. With tracks like, God’s 10 commandments and Dump Trump he has created something that is both familiar and original

Dive into the world of Drops of AJ Smith  Christian Hip Hop with its accompanying music video available on AJ Smith’s YouTube channel. Be sure to give AJ Smith a follow to stay up-to-date on the latest releases.

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It was 2014 when AJ SMITH turned from the darkness of gangster rap to his calling as a Christian. 2015 AJ SMITH Christian hip hop artist was born! AJ SMITH, native to Harlem NYC brings to the table that raw, New York sound to Christian rap. THE ALL SAINTS PROJECT is AJ SMITH’s first mix tape and is due for release in 2017 on MADD FLAVOR RECORDINGS. AJ’s new single: GOD’S 10 COMMANDMENTS is to set the tone. AJ SMITH MUSIC is inspirational, uplifting, and touches the soul.


AJ Smith
Name: Rev. Anthony Smith
Address: 502 West142 Street, #3B, New York, New York
Email: maddflavorrecordings01@gmail.com
Phone: (917) 781-9445
Press Kit: ajsmith.musicprosite.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009189144426
Instagram: www.instagram.com/a.j.smith01
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCooCRfVGNNulHVYs1wMspmA
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/a-j-smith-253891163


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