Lil Mani born Armani Hughes is an American Recording Artist from Pittsburg, California The East Bay section of Northern California. Starting at just a very young age Armani found a passion for music. Writing lyrics that had older people around him wondering if he was way before his time. Riverview Middle School Armani was known as “Lil Elmo” Armani finds himself caught up in multiple “Rap Battle” situations as kids would use the term “Rap Roast” to let out their aggression/feelings. Armani started studying battle rap and learned the fundamentals behind what it takes to be considered an actual Rap Artist. Using suspensions and other reasons not to go to school he started to gather more education on the Music Business as a whole. Early Mount Diablo High School days Armani changes his rap Name to Liddo Soldier. He was more of a paranoid which some recalled him as a isolated person. Months go down the line he runs into Rapper “Lil Bailey” now known as Miles Minnick who was also from the same city/area and they start to exchange contacts. Randy gave the okay to record at the studio on campus Liddo Soldier’s first Song titled “It’s Ova” featured Miles and many more gave hope that Liddo Solider was going to be a Popular Rap Star one day. Gaining quick popularity due to being funny and talented Armani became one of the most Popular kids at the school gave the kids a different vibe. Teachers would write him passes from class to record on campus during school hours. He started Performing/Showcasing his Talent all over the East Bay 14-15 years old doing shows in Antioch at The Mutiny, and many more. Age 16 Liddo Solider Transfers to Pittsburg High School and changed his Rap Name to “Lil Mani” to give the world more of who he is. Releases his first single “Certified Freak” featuring Lido & Kiz which was a remix to Berner, Juicy J, & Chevy Woods. The song caught lots of traction in the party world as every house party and even 106 KMEL picked up and spun it a few times during peak hours. Lil Mani continued to apply pressure by dropping multiple songs, freestyles videos, also being the first Student Rap Artist to Perform at Pittsburg High School. Also this during the first peak of Instagram Lil Mani became the first kid in his school to gain over 10,000 followers leaving behind lots of memories. After getting expelled he decides to dropout of High School (March 2014) Lil Mani finds himself in trouble with the law as he was incarcerated just months later July 9, 2014. Wasn’t long after being jailed he realized he had to reroute his journey got his mind focused. The rest is history in the making