Charting a Path of Her Own : DJ D-Doll

DJ D-Doll started developing a passion for music and dance from an early age, from the time when she was a young girl growing up in China, she knew that her future would take her up on the stage one day. Unfortunately, due to the conservative Chinese culture that she grew up in she could not fully express her love for music and dance. She had to hide her true aspirations from her family and people surrounding her, all the way until she became an adult.

Once she graduated high school, she decided to strike up a life of her own in the big city of Shenzhen, where she worked her way up various jobs in the hospitality industry to support herself, but not forgetting to take classes in the meantime to get ready for her life’s next stage. She was able to first become a professional makeup artist, and afterwards she obtained a certificate as a personal trainer, which she incorporates to her routine to this day.
Four years ago, back in 2020, D-Doll decided to take the leap of faith to start a new life in America. She landed in Los Angeles and knew that LA was the entertainment capital of the world and her aspirations as a DJ could actually become a reality in this new land of opportunity. She enrolled in intensive DJ classes with some of the top DJs in LA at the Scratch Academy of LA. After graduation, D-Doll performed as a DJ at the Circle Bar in Santa Monica, as well as SPACX Club and Jianghu Club in Los Angeles. DJ D-Doll’s upbeat attitude and energetic personality has attracted many followers for her in person performances as well as online on Tiktok and Twitch. DJ D-Doll’s fun and captivating livestreams have garnered more than 213,000 followers on Tiktok. Recently, the popular German Entertainment TV show TAFF ran a story about her for the German TV audience.

DJ D-Doll has most recently embarked on a new challenge, which is obtaining a college degree. She is embracing the challenge of taking college level classes in English, which is her third language after Mandarin and Cantonese, as this is a dream of her parents that she wants to fulfill not just for them but also to prove to herself and everyone else that she also has brains to go along her pretty exterior.

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Date: March 15, 2023

Time: 9:45 am

Location: Los Angeles, CA via Big Game Management, Inc. Long Beach, CA