Tunetellers’ O’ Mon becomes the first Indian song captured live outdoors and shot with a 360° camera

Tunetellers from Assam, India

Assam-based ensemble Tunetellers has broken new ground with the release of their latest Assamese song, “O’ Mon”. The song, which features poetry and music, was recorded live outdoors using a 360° camera, making it the first of its kind in the history of Indian music.

Composed of award-winning singer-songwriter Rupam Bhuyan, lyricist and poet Sasanka Samir, and music producer Jim Ankan Deka, Tunetellers has also introduced a new concept called ‘Kothare-Gannere Exondhya’, a two-hour live musical event that immerses audiences in poetry and music.

Recorded by Music Malt Studios and produced by Pragyan Bezbaruah of Pocket Friendly Productions, the video was shot on the picturesque private property of Aabeli Ghat in Tatimara village, Assam, next to the Brahmaputra river. Debjani Hazarika led the production team, with assistance from Gauri Paighan and Barsha Deka.

Lead singer Rupam Bhuyan expressed his excitement about the release of “O’ Mon” and the concept of ‘Kothare-Gannere Exondhya’, saying, “We are thrilled to present ‘O’ Mon’, a song that celebrates the beauty of poetry and music. Through our new concept, we hope to provide a unique and immersive musical experience to our audiences. We are grateful to our team and everyone who helped us bring this project to life.”

Tunetellers’ groundbreaking song “O’ Mon” is now available on all major streaming platforms, marking the beginning of a new era in Indian music. The group is already planning their next release and looking forward to collaborating with other musicians and artists in the future.