Jay Americana Blends Hip Hop With Electrifying Dance Beats In New Single “sweat” Ahead Of New EP, 555

photo by Nick Khan

Jay Americana (he/they) has dropped their latest installment “sweat” across streaming services today. As a queer, Atlanta-based artist, Jay Americana brings an experimental and unique blend of pop, hip-hop, and dance beats to their music. Divine Ikpe of the Georgia Voice commented on the artist’s unique style stating that “music serves as a different language to communicate to people with,” highlighting the personal connection Americana strives for in his discography.

The first single to come from Americana’s self-released 555 EP, “sweat” is an electrifying dance-rap track that is meant to replicate the pounding sound and intense atmosphere of the dance floor. Listeners who enjoy BROCKHAMPTON, Vince Staples and Channel Tres could find themselves a fan of Americana’s lyrical flow. The project overall is meant to evoke the feeling of euphoria and energy within a dynamic nightlife scene, as “sweat” itself is described as:

“This is sort of like lighting the fuse on a stick of dynamite, opening the floodgates. Through the
pounding, house-inspired beat and infectious hook, ‘sweat’ conjures hazy memories of a night out.”
– Jay Americana

Jay Americana is an Atlanta-based recording artist creating genre-bending and rule-breaking music. Taking cues from hip-hop, electronica, and more, Americana has curated a diverse discography. Thematically, Jay Americana embraces freedom of expression, queerness, and somber reflection. That said, you never quite know what to expect from him. Jay Americana has previously been featured in publications such as Elevator Mag, A1234, and the Georgia Voice. With over 90K total streams, Jay has been featured in editorial playlists including Audiomack’s FreshPicks and Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Hip-Hop, Fresh Finds: Rock, and Work It, Own It.

“sweat” is now available across streaming platforms. The new EP, 555, hits all DSPs March 30th, and can be pre-saved here.