A New Approach for “When The Wind Blow Softly”


A New Approach for “When The Wind Blow Softly”

How many times have you heard songwriters tell you the story behind their song only to ruin what could’ve been a more personalized listening experience for you?

Well Minnesota based Singer-Songwriter Corey Koehler decided to take a different approach for his latest airy, Jim Croce-meets-Supertramp release.

Corey explains the method behind his madness, “After thinking about it the past few weeks, I realized that by telling you what “I” think the song is about I may be cheating you out of experiencing and internalizing the song for yourself.”

He continues, “I think that when you interpret the song for yourself, it will give the song more meaning and ultimately make it more personal. Even though I wrote and performed the song, the song in essence becomes yours.”

Corey also encourages you to share your meaning of the song.

Visit planetcorey.com/wind now to experience and internalize the song for yourself.