Guest Bloggers Needed for Music Website

Want to share some music news? Want to give a music lesson? Want to pimp your music blog? Or how about give some promotion advice to musicians? Or maybe even just do a review of your favorite artist/band or their album?

If so wants to help. He are looking for guest blogger from all music related backgrounds to help us complete our mission.

If you can help us break down music barriers (Genre? What is a genre?), help bands/artists get their music heard, bring bands, artists and their fans closer together and/or entertain the willing we want to publish your work.

To jog your brain, here are some of the topics we are looking to publish for you:

Music Marketing Tips
Great Album Covers
Music Reviews
Good Covers Songs
Good Driving Songs
Music Production Tips
Instruments Instruction
Music Product Reviews (boombox’s, instruments, music production, etc)

Bottom line, as long as it is in line with our mission, we’ll take a look at it and share it with our 500+ subscribers.

Stop by and submit your guest post now.