Mark Bowers is not a household name…yet.

Even if he never fills an arena or premieres at the top of the Billboards like Yanni or Enya, his music has the potential to be everywhere, in the background. You see, the music of Mark Bowers is peace-filled emotional instrumental music that provides a backdrop for life. It buffers the chaos of your every day. The stress of careers, kids and commutes-this can all be tempered with a serene, hour-long escape.

Face it, we’ve all had those grueling days when the tedium seems never-ending, those around you seem to have the largest lack of intelligence anywhere, and what you really desire is to jam your pen into your eye and end it all. Rejuvenation can help with that.  For only $14.99, this soothing hour of emotional piano and ambient synth won’t distract with mind-numbing lyrics, but will suppress those doldrums, that insane stress and that deep-seated desire to just go postal.  Seems like a small price to pay for solace.

Rejuvenation, the long-awaited sophomore project by Mark Bowers, is one hour of vibrant piano with intertwined synth lines, emphatic orchestral percussion, and soaring instrumental voice. More energetic than his debut album, One Day, it has both a darker and brighter sound, as listeners are taken on a journey from Darkness to Light. Dedicating track one (Darkness) to three friends who passed early-two within the past year, Mark Bowers works through his grief and loss to arrive on the other side with healing and acceptance.

Despite being virtually unknown, Mark Bowers racked up a collection of accolades and awards with One Day. The first track, Spirit’s Call appeared on the Indie Artists Alliance Compilation CD, Vol. II in 2006. It consistently ranked highly on both where it earned twenty-seven awards, and, where it remained in the Top 100 in the New Age genre (out of 3,500+ songs) for thirty-five weeks in 2005 and 2006. Two other tracks from the album, Rainy Day and Untitled, also made it to the Top 100 New Age songs at