SEPTEMBER, 2010 – Hollywood, CA – Hollywood alternative rock band, The Faded, have released their cover of "Leave Out All The Rest," as part of a new compilation, an homage to the Twilight movies and their soundtracks.  The compilation, "Twilight Goes Rock," was just released on August 21, 2010 by Skunk Ape Records, along with six other covers paying tribute to the movies and musical artists.
"When we were first invited to submit a track, we all thought it would be really cool to be part of the project," stated founder, Gene Blalock.  "Then, we had to figure out which song would actually fit our style – something we could make our own and enjoy playing.  We listened to the soundtracks a few times before settling on Linkin’ Park’s ‘Leave Out All The Rest.’"
After finishing the recording, band members Gene Blalock, Freddy Maciel, Isao Fujita, and Kai Kurosawa stepped back from what turned out to be a really powerful song for the band and decided to develop a music video befitting the tune.  "The song is really one about regret – when I’m gone, forget the bad parts, remember the good ones.  I think that’s a universal concept," said Freddy Maciel, drummer.  "The song ended up having so much soul, I think we felt compelled to create a visual background," shared Isao Fujita, lead guitarist.
The video made its world premiere debut to a sold-out crowd at the Majestic Crest Theater in Los Angeles, along with a showing of SKIN TRADE, a documentary film scored by the band.
The music video is now available on YouTube and also being shown in Hot Topic stores across the country.  The Faded’s cover of "Leave Out All the Rest" is available at Hot Topic stores, as well as online at such e-tailers as Amazon and CD Baby.
The single will be available through their website, , as well as through Skunk-Ape Records and their distributors by the end of September 2010.  Additional information is available from their manager, Phil Goldberg, at 773-388-2784.

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