Interview with Paul Democritou

Interview  by Phil Peretz, Indie Artists Alliance and

How long have you been making music and how did you get started?
It all started when I was a club owner, I owned the most known hip-hop/rock live club in Greece where indie artists performed but also known artists, I started hosting Saturday nights as a fluke when the main MC didn’t show up! the crowd dug it and continued.. soon enough I was freestyling, I opened my second company called 2real and before I knew it was being asked to perform at major night clubs and events. After that I had to hit a studio and take it to another level even though I just wanted to host, I started to rap!

I know that your genre is R&B and Hip Hop, but how else can you describe yourself?
That’s easy…funny, witty, sexy, real !

Who is your inspiration?
I have been inspired by 2pac, Public Enemy, Jay Z but basically when it comes to stage performance I was mostly influence by Eddie Murphy, I’ve always been a fan of stand up comedy and practiced it.. that’s what gives me confidence on stage.

Your last song was Baby Dance, what inspired you to write that?
That song was inspired by imagination, I basically like re-living situations, imagine them as movies and make them into songs, you can say it was inspired by a dream girl scenario.

What new things do you have going on?
I just released 2 singles, releasing more including an album. Fila me (Kiss me) just made the Greek summer hit of 2010 so basically I’m on tour around Greece .. hosting shows and presenting events as a celebrity guest, things are picking up. I’m always working on new things and ideas, music is my life and Im open minded to various ventures, I’m also open for ideas.

Where can people learn more about you? What’s your web site?
You can try googling “mcpauld” or visit, also should be up and running soon.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the fans?
Yeah .. fans are my major inspiration, I forgot to mention that before, every handshake every hug, every “wasup” makes me stronger and keeps me doing what I do, fans make the musicians, musicians don’t make the fans.

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