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The emerging artist

It’s not too many artists that can say they independently rebranded themselves from a record label before becoming more successful than what a record label had made them to be. Meet Empire, he is an independent artist that has made waves with well-established music producers, and given chances to aspiring artists as well.

With only a few songs on the music store shelves, The more poetry based rapper has continuously proven to be a formidable artist to the desiring ear, he is definitely still worth listening to. In the year 2022, he released Fate with a strong verse that describes his brand new image, after his most popular releases.

He released his debut single Pressure as Empire on the 24th of January 2021. In it he expresses his detachment from all the past, to handling his own weight, as he passed on a deep rooted conversation with his girlfriend. Empire continues to distribute an array of music to all digital music stores, you can simply google search his forenames, Sakhile Khayalethu Empire Nxumalo and follow his profile for new releases.

“I got a ton of weight holding me still, I can’t appeal
to all the weightless things in my list, for I need to feel my weight loosening and not adding up…”

Empire is a rapper, songwriter, composer, recording & audio engineer, music producer, and entrepreneur who is really passionate about his line of work.

Empire is a South African rapper with a stunning profile and a more poetry based discography.

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Professionally known as Empire, Sakhile Khayalethu Empire Nxumalo is a rapper, composer, author, recording & audio engineer, and also music producer born at Nongoma, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He began his professional career during the year 2019 as 99anchor, before rebranding himself to his third legal name, Empire. Since then, he has released 7 singles with multi-platinum selling, and Grammy nominated producers.


Lot 443, Masson Street, PO Box 750, Nongoma, 3950

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Empire | rapper

Empire is a rapper born as Sakhile Khayalethu Empire Nxumalo, is a worldwide independent label and musician. He is based at Nongoma, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, which is originally his hometown.