Sali Kimi’s Bold and Innovative Style on Her New Video

Sali Kimi’s Bold and Innovative Style on Her New Video

Sali Kimi is a rising RnB artist, who won over the world with her distinctive looks and bold makeup. Her first single “So Tight” is a must listen to, because of the unique sound and striking visuals of the music video.

Sali Kimi Sleek On Fleek Eyebrow Makeup
Sali Kimi always delivers striking and modern visuals, and her makeup is no different. She is always rocking well-defined eyebrows, which shape and accentuate her eyes perfectly. They are a very important part of her look, as they pull the whole look together and give her that Instagram baddie feel. They also make the right balance with her dark and long hair.

Gothic Makeup On The Single “So Tight”
Sali Kimi changes multiple looks throughout the single, however, the one that stands out the most is the gothic makeup she wore with the black, see-trough, sparkling dress. This makeup look gives her an edgy feel and is in harmony with the aesthetic of the music video. The blue eyeshadow accentuates her eyes and makes them look brighter, while berry-toned lipstick gives her a vampy look. The combination of the two makes for great contrast and overall very gothic and edgy makeup look.

Instagram Baddie Makeup
Instagram baddie makeup looks are all about bold and eye-catching looks. They revolve around long lashes and defined eyeshadow looks, which accentuate the eyes. Fluffy and wispy lashes give the desired sultry effect. Instagram baddie looks always feature strong, face-shaping contours and blinding highlighter. Matte lipstick and winged liner tie everything together. A must-have for a baddie makeup is on fleek brows. These makeup looks are always in sync with the latest trends and focus on accentuating the assets. Sali Kimi rocks the Instagram baddie looks and pushes the boundaries of fashion and makeup with her bold and modern style.

Eye-Catching Style
From sparkling see-through dress to the lime green outfit we can see in the single “So Tight”, Sali Kimi shows she isn’t afraid to wear trendy and eye-catching outfits. Her outfits pair well with her recognizable makeup looks and accompany her music style amazingly.
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