Emerging Electronic/Alt-Rock Duo Deliver Versatile & Diverse Album ‘eroctech’

Emerging Electronic/Alt-Rock Duo Deliver Versatile & Diverse Album ‘eroctech’

Emerging electronic/alt-rock duo Eroctech delivers their first self-titled album ‘eroctech’. The fifteen track album contains unique organic instrumentation, ethereal effects, and atmospheric compositions. ‘eroctech’ offers the listeners lush analog-style sounds, with sci-fi-like effects and movie score sounding productions. Moreover, tracks like ‘I Remember Everything’, ‘Stronger Me’, ‘Good Citizen’, ‘XHTML’, ‘GIF’, and ‘Powell & Sacramento’ offer crunching electric guitar riffs that will take the listener into a trance. The self-titled album by Eroctech will resonate with any music aficionado as it contains every element to captivate, warm, and intrigue one’s ears. The album will be available digitally and streaming everywhere January 8, 2020.

Eroctech is the Electro/Art-Rock collaboration of Eric Toledo (The Black Penguins) and Philip Patton (peejmudd). Mostly instrumental, Eroctech is like a Syd Barrett / Daniel Johnston / Nine Inch Nails mash-up that shouldn’t make sense, but does. Originating from Chico, California, the duo creates movie-like scores with each track, fusing electronic with organic alt-rock sounds. With overflowing talent, Eroctech brings to the music scene a refreshing sound that will help cement them in the industry.

5150 (I Remember Everything), by eroctech

eroctech Music for the film in my head. 5150 (I Remember Everything), released 01 November 2019 1. 5150 (I Remember Everything) 2. 5150 (I Remember Everything) [peejmudd edit] The story of a lost teenage kid in a mental hospital. He has just been in the quiet room yelling fuck as loud as he can.