Red Money to Drop New Album This Year

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Red Money to Drop New Album This Year

After a successful year in 2021, DJ Red Money is gearing up to release a new album this year. The album, which will be a six-song EP, will feature three Amapiano songs and three Gqom songs.

Red Money has been working with various vocalists, both local and overseas, to create a unique sound that will fit in more than one musical genre. The EP is scheduled to be released early this year, and Red Money is already planning to drop a few singles before the album’s release.

Red Money’s mission is to create a unique kind of music that fits in more than one musical genre, and he is confident that his new album will appeal to a wide range of listeners. With the release of this album, Red Money is poised to cement his place as one of the leading House Music DJs and producers in the world.