Exclusive Interview with Shiloh June

Hello Shiloh June and thank you for your time today.  We are mesmerized by your new single, DOWN

Your voice is hauntingly beautiful.  Please share more with our readers about how you began in the industry and when did you realize you had this voice!?

A: My mother says I started singing before I spoke. I started performing at age 3, and by 9 years old I was taking Classical Voice Lessons from an AMAZING woman named Virginia Russell, and she booked me paid performances! Granted it was usually $5 and only a song or two but it was nice to call myself a professional from a young age. From there I started learning in every style, every language I could. My obsession with Popular and R&B/Soul Music grew and by high school I was writing full songs. After college I continued to write and perform originals, and worked full-time in a cover band with my brother as well.

What is your process as a songwriter and how do you stay vulnerable as an artist and creator?

I usually tend to let my creative bursts take control, which is when I’m at my happiest or lowest points. I want to tell a story and I’ve found, as someone who consumes quite a bit of music, that the most honest songs are usually the ones that really connect and resonate with me. I remind myself of this every time I sit down to compose, or have a lyric flying through my head that I jot down, or a voice memo I record while driving- because I know music should make you feel something  and I want to provide other people with the therapy it provides me.

This song feels very personal and meaningful to you, is there any backstory you would like to share about the story behind Down?

I’ve struggled a lot with mental health, especially as an adult, and as I sought treatment I really struggled to continue to feel like myself, frequently trying to survive without medication. This song is the fight between that bridge after a slightly dangerous manic state when I come back to reality and realize it’s going to cycle to the opposite direction at any moment. The idea is I’d rather feel euphoric and be disconnected with reality than to be in that overwhelming state of disappointment, failure, and any other negative thought I can entertain.

The performance of this song is captivating and on point in all ways.  Please tell us a bit about your studio experience with this track and anything behind the scenes about this particular production.

Working with Aleksandr James was incredible. I’ve done so much writing ahead and then recording with a group and this was my first experience compiling from idea to reality in the same sitting. He gave amazing feedback and direction, and we were able to work together to create a really cool vision that communicates itself well. He is an amazing producer all around.

How do you balance the life of a creative, musical  artist with your day to day or is it seamless for you?

A: It can be very difficult, especially in LA in these stages of trying to solidify my place in the industry while also needing to provide for myself and those I love (more specifically my partner and my dog). I’ve been very blessed in these past few years to be able to focus more on my music- booking shows with my brother (as alex&shiloh) and performing at Songwriter’s Showcases and Open Mics whenever I get the chance. I also have a very musical family who have all made a career of it at some point and will help me focus when I get off-track or overwhelmed by everything life can throw at you.

With the release of this magnificent new track, where do you see 2023 leading your goals, aspirations and career?

I am in the process of brainstorming an EP for myself, as well as finishing recording some works started previously. I am so excited to move forward with new material to share with the world and am hopeful the music I continue to release will only further my career as a vocalist and songwriter.

Please share your socials so our readers can find you everywhere and thank you again for your time today.  Congratulations on beautiful new music!

I’m on pretty much every social (TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook) as @shilohjune!

Thank you so much!

Photo: Rob Clark Photography

End of Interview