Quality Over Quantity

Born: Derrick C.H. Gordon
Birthplace: New Orleans
Birthdate: 10/15/1985
Experience: 19 years
Brand: Wise and Victorious Ent.

Are you playing with all 52 cards in the deck?” “If not , reshuffle and play your game not someone else’s .”
– Quality –

“Many roses never get the sunshine they need, fight threw the concrete and shine on.” “He stared out into the lake and ask a question to himself, as his eyes glared the reflection of the sun and the lake.” “If the globe spinned and stopped wherever your finger landed, could you survive?” As he watched the gauges of a man in control it became desirable for 5 year young Quality. The strength of a father, is motivation for the son. Something phenomenal about this guy is his creativity and diversity. One thing He knows about is love and the way he shows his love is threw music. The name Quality is recognized globally, anything marketable includes Quality all the way down to the food we eat the way that we sleep and even dress. However, that does not define Quality, the Quality starts with you and that’s something he understood well which is sole purpose of the therm Quality over Quantity. Known as a lyrical artist, producer and song writer. Creative and innovative, Quality’s quest in his music career is to simply live up to his name!


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190 Belle Terre Blvd 1593
Laplace 70068

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