ProQuo to release its first single, Final Fire ft. p.s. perkins, off its forthcoming debut album, iNSTANT BROTHERHOOD, from D.i.M.E./Freedom Corner Brand – distributed by Sony Orchard]

ProQuo is a clean rap group comprised of two master craftsmen lyricists who are both Massachusetts natives. Pro is also a university professor with a storied legacy as both a poet and emcee (slam poetry contest champion and multi-time rap battle champion, involved in some of the most historic rap battles of all-time). Lyrical also holds a doctorate in higher education (MS in math/BS in business), has taught math and music at 12 different colleges, and has performed and spoken at over 100 institutions as well.

Jay “Quokane” Cruz is, by early day, a US postal carrier. He has been releasing scores of acclaimed independent music, domestically and internationally, for several years.

Together, they are ProQuo and host a very successful live webcast, The ProQuo Show, on Friday nights at 9pm EST via the livestream network in partnership with its founder, Juan “DonJuan D’Mack” Mack, who also serves as the ProQuo Business Manager.

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PROQUO “Final Fire” Press Release
ProQuo “Final Fire” Single Cover.
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A ProQuo Sony Orchard NOT-FOR-PUBLIC Promo Player (full length “Final Fire” single)
A ProQuo 30 Second Video Promo Clip/Teaser of Final Fire Final Fire Video Cover 30 Second Promo.
The ProQuo Sony Orchard NOT-FOR-PUBLIC Prom Player (iNSTANTBROTHERHOOD Full Album)
The ProQuo Sony Orchard iNSTANT BROTHERHOOD Pre Save Link ProQuo – iNSTANT BROTHERHOOD (Pre save link)
Please contact ProQuo Business Manager & Founder of–Juan Mack, MBA for inquiries or more information at:

You may contact Pro & Quo directly at:

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PROFESSOR LYRICAL Professor Lyrical is an in-demand public speaker and performer who has keynoted numerous events and participated in multiple Tedx Talks as well. ProQuo = Professor Lyrical + Jay “Quokane” Cruz. Useful Links