NRVT Unveils The Pleasure of What Feeling Alive Means after Academic Study with New Song Livingroom Shaking

London, UK, February 06, 2021 — NRVT releases a new single Livingroom Shaking on Friday the 5th of February 2021 in reminiscence of some of the pressure of academic study he remembers at University.

NRVT recalls rushing to the library one day to gather several books for an assignment and felt the need to speed up, as what he gathered from the lecturers the onus was on the student to be independent and make things happen. It was at that moment in the library he felt a dizzy spell come over him, and that it was possible to think and move too quickly creating a spell of trauma and that was just the beginning.

The music was always something NRVT wanted to do. NRVT went on music business courses, networked with music industry figures to find a way to make something out of an industry, and wrote whatever inspiration came to him and locked them away for another day. NRVT had to get around to it someday and that day is here with a new song and a new day.

Livingroom Shaking is a little laid back, with a touch of neon jazz, smooth easy-flowing vocals. A rhyme scheme is clearly evident in this poetic jaunt with the intention to make the listener feel relaxed and comfortable along the way. NRVT provokes sparks of thought that allow the listener to take the journey to the outer bounds of shaping perception and thinking straight again with ‘how you like it when we study in the library?’

We never quite get who the mysterious female figure is when NRVT proclaims ‘She got the livingroom shaking’ yet this real or imagined figure opens the way to a diversion from public living in some sort of adult Alice in Wonderland bohemian hideaway or a Shaka Zulu dance. To NRVT the inspiration was born out of the feelings of Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, England, Africa, and the Caribbean.

‘Livingroom Shaking’, the living is tied to the room, hence one word ‘livingroom’ is out now, so what are you waiting for, free up yourself, check out NRVT’s ‘Livingroom Shaking’ now.

Journalism:​ Icsael Basemath


Livingroom Shaking

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