New York Singer-Songwriter Rachael Sage Releases a Beautiful New Music Video for Her Track ‘Deepest Dark’

Amidst the ambience of the historic Asylum Chapel in London, the celebrated singer-songwriter, poet, arranger, and producer, Rachael Sage, is set to release a captivating new music video for her heartfelt track ‘Deepest Dark’. Directed by the talented Lee Malone.

The video for ‘Deepest Dark’ finds Rachael Sage in this sanctuary resonating with thousands of memories, invoking beauty and positivity, and affirming trust and faith in others who help us navigate through life’s challenges. The ethereal setting, with its crumbling paintwork, stunning stained-glass windows, and dancing shadows, serves as the perfect backdrop for Sage’s poignant performance. The lyrics, “And if I call you, will you come to me tonight / Even though everyone is sleeping / Even though the deepest dark is still in sight” are accompanied by natural light casting a shrouded spotlight through the iconic stained-glass panes.

Reflecting on the creative process, Sage shared, “It was such a moving experience because it’s a song I wrote as a teenager about friendship. It came to mean so much more when I decided to finally include it on my current album, ‘The Other Side’, which is about transcendence.”

Directed by Lee Malone, the video features Sage and her longtime violinist, Kelly Halloran. Sage describes the location as “beautiful, but also impossible not to feel the presence of those impoverished souls who had once filled the chapel, yearning for an end to hardship in difficult times.” She adds, “As a song about unconditional acceptance and loyalty, it was a perfect setting to film because we had the opportunity to bring some positive energy and beauty to a place that had undoubtedly seen much suffering.”

Sage further elaborates on ‘Deepest Dark’: “It is one of two tracks on the album—the other being ‘Flowers For Free’—that I mostly composed many years ago. Inspired by the characters in ‘Stranger Things’, the second verse fell out in response to the beautifully portrayed friendships depicted in the show. I essentially included it as a tribute to these indelible characters, whose loyalty to one another and profound connections across bizarre and fearsome obstacles became the cultural zeitgeist we all needed!”

‘The Other Side’ was recorded in 2022 amid a whirlwind of back-to-back tours with Imelda May and Howard Jones. The album’s musical collaborators include Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith), Russ Johnson (Elvis Costello), and James Mastro (Ian Hunter). Finding its home in the lush soundscapes of Americana, alt-folk, and pop, ‘The Other Side’ sees Sage dive into a range of covers from Yazoo’s classic ‘Only You’, with two other lesser-known covers, Maria McKee’s ‘Breathe’ and a ballad by 90’s NYC female-fronted rockers Danielle’s Mouth entitled ‘Forgive Me This’.

Since founding her label, MPress Records, over two decades ago, the NYC-based Americana-pop artist has consistently produced a vibrant and dynamic array of albums. Her eclectic tour history includes performances alongside renowned artists such as Imelda May, Ani DiFranco, Beth Hart, Howard Jones, and Grammy® winners Shawn Colvin and Judy Collins, with whom she also recorded a critically acclaimed duet of Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’. As a six-time Independent Music Award-winning musician and producer, Sage has released over 20 diverse albums and EPs, earning recognition as a John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize winner. Sage’s talents have brought her to esteemed festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe and SXSW, and she has toured globally with her band, The Sequins, from Japan to Berlin. In addition to her musical achievements, Sage is a philanthropic advocate, supporting various causes, including WHY Hunger, the American Refugee Committee, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, and the National Network for Youth (NN4Y).

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