Maddox Jones reveals debut solo album ‘Believe It’

Northampton, Alternative-Pop artist Maddox Jones has started to prove himself as a standout solo artist, as he releases his debut album ‘Believe It’. After an already lengthy and noteworthy music career, playing in bands such as The Departure, Jones has supported the likes of indie legends The Killers and Placebo. The singer/songwriter has now opened up a new chapter with the release of his latest album.

The buoyant and uplifting 12 track record dances round vibrant and colorful alternative pop, Coldplay-esque summery indie and grooving dance hits. ‘Believe It’ features some of Maddox’s gratifying hit singles from the past few months, including the awe-inspiring ‘Ready To Be Better’ and the mystical charm of ‘Make Me Yours’. As a whole, the album perfectly flows between each song, collectively forming a cohesive story along Maddox’s journey of the past few years. Voyaging along themes of addiction and love, ‘Believe It’ acts as a monumental insight into the promising talents of Maddox Jones.

Talking about the album, Maddox says “It just feels and sounds like me. All of the songs began their life as a little voice note idea, just me and my piano as a reaction to something that had happened to me, a big feeling I felt or a spark of inspiration from a book or a tv show I’ve been into. The songs are emotive and the production is pretty epic; I love the songs and everything about the record, I couldn’t be happier with it.”

Believe It

Listen to Believe It on Spotify. Maddox Jones · Album · 2022 · 12 songs.