Clayton Severson Reminisces on Past in New Track “Mayflower”

Nashville based singer-songwriter Clayton Severson has made his return to the music scene with his new melancholic track, “Mayflower.” With a capturing string pattern and heartfelt vocals, “Mayflower” is able to capture the listener’s attention with his vulnerability. The track gives listeners a sense of nostalgia, taking them through the story of a man looking back at his past with hope, before ultimately deciding that what matters most is moving forward and having hope in what the future can bring. “Mayflower” is the first release off Severson’s upcoming debut EP, set for release later this year in May.

“‘Mayflower’ as a concept is a residence but is also a vehicle that carries the listener through a series of personal experiences. Torn between dutiful obligation to an ancestral homeland and the land beyond the horizon, the author is fraught with internal conflict. On one hand, the protagonist is hoping for what will return him to the place from whence he came and also precariously holding onto hope for what could be tomorrow. This piece ends in a crescendo of discordant tones that leaves the listener in the midst of this tension.” – Clayton Severson

Clayton Severson is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter with a soulful and unique Americana Folk sound. He grew up on a farm in Wright County, Iowa and his first interaction with music was singing in church choir. Soon he learned to play harmonica and piano, and by the age of 12 had also picked up the guitar, his current instrument of choice. Upon graduating from college in Iowa, Clayton moved to Los Angeles to be closer to his management team, but after two years in the City of Angels decided the LA lifestyle wasn’t for him. Clayton then moved to the Dakotas, joining a band and gracing the stage at local casinos as a lead guitarist, before finally making his way to Nashville. Once in Music City, Clayton spent his time performing on Lower Broadway and becoming heavily involved with the Nashville songwriting scene where he met most of his current friends and collaborators, honing his skills as a songwriter along the way.

Clayton has written with Tenille Arts, Jake Etheridge, Luke Pell, Prince Charlez, Jeffery Marshall, Jamie Wyatt, Mark Addison Chandler (“There’s Still Hope”), Sean Swenson, and many others. As a songwriter at Dan Hodges Music he also wrote with artists and songwriters from Australia, Sweden, and Canada, notably contributing his talents to “Good Directions” by Billy Currington and “Dibs” by Kelsea Ballerini.

Be sure to check out Clayton Severson’s new track, “Mayflower,” on all streaming platforms today.