LdashD teases new project ‘Don’t Give Up’

Dance producer and Graffiti artist LdashD offers a package of positive, uplifting tunes for all the ravers out there. The door is open. Metaphorically and literally speaking. With the restrictions lifted, the dancing can commence.

Mimicking Banksyesque vibe keeping his identity under wraps, LdashD embodies tough, inventive, no-nonsense, genre-bending, hook-laden guitar-based progressive dance music DJ. As a musical genius, he defies convention and creates his own world.

The third part of his forward-looking EP trilogy, ‘Don’t Give Up,’ features four ground-breaking tracks: ‘Party People,’ ‘Does It Feel Right,’ ‘Asian Raver,’ and the title track.

Aligned with the UK rave scene, LdashD scores the jackpot with original dance production and empowering lyrics that dramatically stand out in the copycat dominant nature. ‘Don’t Give Up’ provides a sense of escape after being locked inside. Instead of drowning in the boredom of isolation, LdashD picked himself up and chose the positive route that resulted in ‘Don’t Give Up.’


Lucid – Diverse Original Prolific Aesthetic.


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