Julian Di Paola is partnering up with Juice Ellison to drop the new hit record “MetaMask”.

Julian Di Paola also known as Juliano is partnering up with Juice Ellison and Inzei Records to release the new hit record “MetaMask”.
Toronto, Canada – Juliano is from Toronto, Canada and is inspired by artists like Drake, Tory Lanez and The Weeknd. Starting in the nightlife industry and having managed studios in Toronto, Juliano has been able to work with many Toronto artists and producers and has gained the likes of producers such as Rojasonthebeat, Dtenox, and Eugenics (all multi platinum producers).

Juliano and Kane.wav opening up for Tory Lanez – Juliano and Monty 1738 – Juliano and Kaash Paige – Juliano and Supreme Patty

Juliano and Juice met in Miami and became friends once they shared their love for music. The song represents living life with your friends, flying across the world, having a good time and focusing on “the bag”. Metamask is produced by Phantum, a verified producer out of Toronto, Canada that has produced for artists like AJ Tracey, FBG Duck, Ali Gatie and more. Phantum and Juliano have been working together for 5 years in Canada and are also very close friends. “Metamask” was recorded at Oak House studios in Miami with a Grammy nominated engineer. Keep an eye out for the release of the song and music video in February, 2022.

About Julian Di Paola
Julian Di Paola as “Juliano” is a Canadian musical artist, Tiktoker, YouTuber and Entrepreneur. Juliano is from Toronto, Canada. For more information about Juliano, please visit his social media profile on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

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