Kester Rajan

Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with IMAAI.
Tell us about your music.
My music is a reflection of my deep connection to faith and spirituality. I specialize in contemporary Christian music, aiming to create soul-stirring melodies that touch the hearts of listeners. Collaborating with Kenric Adam, we formed Divine Lights Music, producing worship songs that transcend boundaries, offering solace and connection to both believers and non-believers.

When did you start performing?
I took a significant step in my musical journey at the age of 17 when I released my debut single, ‘Just As I Am,’ in collaboration with Kenric Adam. This marked the beginning of my public performances, capturing the hearts of audiences in the contemporary Christian music scene.

What do you consider to be your hometown and how does that affect your music?
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is my hometown, and its rich musical heritage profoundly influences my work. Growing up surrounded by enchanting harmonies of Christian songs laid the foundation for my musical passion.

What performers have been your inspiration?
Various Christian musicians have inspired me throughout my journey. Their ability to convey deep spiritual messages through music resonates with me. Artists who fuse creativity with a strong connection to faith have left a lasting impact on my musical style.

What do you base your success on?
I base my success on the ability of my music to provide comfort, hope, and inspiration. The profound impact my songs have on listeners, strengthening their bond with faith, is the true measure of success for me.

What was your latest musical release?
My latest song is ‘God Is Our Refuge,’ a piece inspired by the theme of finding solace and strength in faith, especially during challenging times.

The song encapsulates a message of hope, emphasizing the idea that, in the midst of life’s uncertainties, turning to a higher power can provide a sense of comfort and security.

Do you have any news to share?
Yes, the news to share is the upcoming release of my Christmas song, ‘Noel (He Is Born),’ on November 26. It’s a project I’m particularly thrilled about, and I hope it brings joy to everyone during the festive season.

How can fans find you?
Fans can connect with me on various platforms:

• Website:

• Instagram:

• Twitter:

• Spotify:

• Apple Music:

• YouTube:

• Amazon Music:

Lastly, please share some final words with the fans.

I want to express my gratitude to all the listeners and supporters. Your encouragement fuels my passion for creating music that connects with the soul. Keep an eye out for ‘Noel (He Is Born)’ on November 26, and may it bring warmth and joy to your holiday season. Thank you for being part of this musical journey.