Indie Songstress TYLER MEACHAM Delves Into Grief & Hope with New Single ‘dream house’

'dream house' single artwork


Above: “dream house” single artwork

RICHMOND, VA (April 5, 2024) — Emerging indie artist Tyler Meacham has released her poignant new single ‘dream house’ — listen HERE []. The inspiration behind ‘dream house’ stems from a deeply challenging time in Meacham’s life. As she grappled with the heartbreaking news of her mother and cousin’s concurrent cancer diagnoses, Meacham sought comfort in an unexpected place: the Zillow app, browsing real estate listings, where dreams of a future filled with possibilities provided a brief respite from despair.

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As composer, lyricist and producer, Meacham crafted a folk-inspired sound that marks a departure from her previous work while retaining the essence of her pop songwriting prowess. Recorded at 6807 Studios and Go West Recording in Richmond, Virginia, ‘dream house’ showcases Meacham’s evolution as an artist unafraid to embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

Reflecting on the songwriting process, Meacham shares, “I thought I was writing a song about real estate—it turned out to be a song about grief. Sometimes what we dream about for our lives is forced to change, and it’s okay to grieve those changes.” With ‘dream house,’ Meacham invites listeners to acknowledge the complexities of grief and find solace in shared experiences.

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Additionally, Meacham reflects on the deeper meaning of the songwriting journey, stating, “Although I’ve considered myself an optimist for a large part of my life, experiencing cancer and the grief that comes with it tends to force hope to take a different form. A year after writing this song, I was recording the lead vocal as my cousin, Frazier, 35 years young and beautiful, was beginning hospice care for breast cancer. She left us around New Years this year and since then, this song has become her song.”

Following the single release, Meacham is gearing up for a performance at Dominion Energy Riverrock on Brown’s Island in Richmond, Virginia on May 19th, 2024, promising an electrifying performance and more new music on the horizon.

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Above: Tyler Meacham; Photo by Joey Wharton

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