Give Your Music Wings With Song Angel

Song Angel is a groundbreaking new app offered by a company committed to helping artists realize their dreams. It’s only one facet, however, of what Song Angel offers. This is a company eager to serve a wide swath of the music world – from musicians and songwriters on the “front lines”, the wheeler dealers behind the scenes, and even local radio stations searching for everything from new theme music for a show to a talented performer willing to make an in-studio appearance. Outside the lines thinking in the music business is needed more than ever and companies such as Song Angel are providing it at a reasonable cost.

The comparison Song Angel makes between their service acting as a kind of “stamp” for a musician’s song revealing who’s heard the track, liked it, admired the lyrics, or fancied the artwork. They offer Song Angel Wings, an in-app credit used for an array of features, to facilitate placing a musician’s work in other’s hands and reactions are relayed to an artist in real-time. The app also offers account holders a messaging system when parties are interested in taking their communications to another level.

Song Angel boasts an user-friendly interface. There are several tutorials included on the website to help newcomers navigate the app’s features and they are responsive to any requests for help they may receive. Pricing is clear and unambiguous; Song Angel, like any company, is interested in turning a profit, but not through backbreaking costs obliviously passed on to their consumers. This is an app dedicated towards aiding musicians rather than operating as one more elaborate con designed to drain their bank accounts.


Their outreach to customers includes impressive giveaways. Song Angel’s June 2021 giveaway, for instance, awards a hefty 10,000 Wings, a Kretzman Guitars limited edition tactical classic 1959 LP double-cut style P-90 guitar, a song mastered by Warner/BMG engineer Bud Bremner of Coastal Mastering Studios, and written feedback on three songs from award winning producer John Tomaino. Other details regarding Second and Third Prizes, qualifications, and requirements are available from Song Angel.

The fact they have amassed such powerful sponsorship is another indication of the respect Song Angel already commands within the music industry. Kretzman Guitars has flourished producing custom-made instruments since 2003 while Coastal Mastering Studios works with scores of major and independent labels. John Tomaino has credits including a finalist in the Music Oz Awards (Australia), a ReverbNation Pop Chart number one, and a finalist in the Great American Song Contest, among other notable achievements. These are significant players in the music world and their endorsement of Song Angel speaks volumes.

It is a matter of spreading the word, really. Song Angel is set to occupy a productive and unique niche in the music industry right now, but they possess the needed staying power to remain a force for years to come. If you are searching for unheard new talents, new horizons for your art, and so on, Song Angel is waiting for you and can possibly open long-closed doors for your professional ambitions.

Clay Burton