Up-and-coming Songwriter and Singer Annie J Shakes Things Up in The World of Pop with Her Timely, Powerful and Pertinent New Release

An industry often criticized for being too male dominated has seen a flourish of ambitious and talented women take center stage and Annie J is no exception. Her talent has already made her a recognizable figure in the world of pop.

Wellington, New Zealand  – June 14th, 2021 – It is highly unlikely that die-hard fans of pop, especially those that keep track of the latest stars on the scene, have not heard of up-and-coming star Annie J, who unearthed her pertinent, timely statement on the prevalence of assault in the form of her newest song: ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’. Her new lyrical masterpiece is a fresh warning and optimistic invitation to confront any predatory behavior, hence the use of ‘wolf’ as a metaphor.

Annie J hopes that along with inspiring and empowering female audiences of all ages, the message also transcends beyond all gender boundaries and anyone facing harassment can gather up the courage to come forward and act. Annie J is a familiar face and voice to many – recently featuring in the New Zealand PopStars Top 20, with five original singles to her name (garnering over one hundred thousand Spotify streams!), she’s performed with the New Zealand Opera and has won at New Zealand National Arias.

Her exciting and eclectic EP mix of seven covers was released in April. With such an illustrious career under her belt at the young age of 17, Annie J is set to have an incredibly impressive musical career. Her newest release ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’ is a testament to how she can tackle challenging themes with inclusive unifying lyrics in her songwriting.

Check out her powerful new release ‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’ and learn more about Annie J on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.




Annie J is a rising star in the New Zealand pop industry who is making heads turn with her beautiful and timely songwriting and singing. At the age of 17, she has 5 original singles to her name: ‘Make Believe’, ‘By my side’, ‘Whenever you leave me’, ‘Figured Out’, and her latest, ‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’, releasing on June 25th, as well as an EP of 7 covers. In her final year of school, Annie J is excited about a musical future with theatre, songwriting, and performance paramount.



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