Genre-Outlaw GRW Grasps Harsh Realities in Marijuana Murder Ballads Album

A champion for the California cannabis scene, GRW [Grow without the O] is using his musical prowess as a call to action – bringing attention to organic living, legalization, and the hard-working farmers of the Emerald Triangle. A pioneer Mendocino County cannabis farmer, GRW has lived it, breathed it, and is rallying behind the community with the release of genre-torching album, Marijuana Murder Ballads. Releasing Black Friday, November 26, Marijuana Murder Ballads is a 13-song collection based on true stories and life events – the good, the bad, the unimaginable and, at times, the controversial.

“The stories in these songs all hit close to home for me,” states the genre-outlaw. “Whether a personal or secondhand experience, old wives’ tales, or the reality of so-called ‘legalization’ – these songs speak a hard truth about this unique place and time, the joys and the struggles there.”

GRW is a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist showcasing creative innovation and artistic exploration in all aspects of his life and career. Utilizing his own versatility to produce, mix, write and play almost every instrument on Marijuana Murder Ballads himself, GRW ensured the project was whole-heartedly authentic, encapsulating his greatest passions: the cannabis business community and musical artistry.

“Sit back, relax, roll a fat one and let Marijuana Murder Ballads take you into a special and dramatic mind movie,” exclaims GRW. “It’s a crazy trip, ’cause it’s real!”

Marijuana Murder Ballads is available for pre-sale and pre-save now:
It will impact everywhere on November 26. Listen to “100 Pounds” off the album now!

For more on GRW, including upcoming tour dates, visit and follow @grw_music on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

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