Chicago Artist Debuts Fresh New Sound Delights

“Only Our Love” by Penny Dinou available now on Spotify, YouTube

November 23, 2021 – A stone’s throw from the border of Chicago is Oak Park, Illinois, birthplace of some of our country’s most talented and prolific artists and entertainers, from Pulitzer Prize author Ernest Hemingway to the voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta. The area is known for churning out musicians, too. The Fiery Furnaces’ Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger and rapper Ludacris also hail from there.

Musician and artist Penny Dinou, who just released her debut single “Only Our Love,” is the latest in a long line of talented artists from Oak Park. She writes and produces her own music. Her sound is a mix of R&B, ambient, Techno/Dance-Rock; her vocals recall a pre-pubescent Michael Jackson: buttery, full range that melts in your ears. “Only Our Love” showcases her beautiful harmonies and the production is something Justin Timberlake or even Brian Eno might put their stamp on.

You can listen to her streaming on YouTube and Spotify (links below).



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