UK pop star Eleni C continues her hot streak of hits with the upcoming release of her new, ethereal romantic single “Living a Dream”. It is as defiant as it is empowering, for all those that are brave enough to write their own love story! Those, that despite the odds are prepared to go against the “what if it doesn’t work out?” and focus instead on “what if it does!”

Talking about her new single, Eleni C said: “I wanted my song to show my admiration for that person who is brave enough to go after their dream, fight for that love, that person that makes their soul sing and sets their heart on fire.”

The allure of her unique warm vocal tones, the quirky lyrics, and the personal empowerment messages that are woven in each of her songs makes it impossible to ignore this amazing new pop sensation. Her new single is a clear statement of her intent, to continue carving her own inimitable path in the music industry.

Eleni C’s music has been met with wide critical acclaim, and its being featured on CBBC ‘Saturday Mash Up’,‘The Playlist’ and numerous radio stations including BBC Radio London, Manchester, Scotland to name a few.  Eleni C’s energetic live performances have seen her open for noticeable acts like Little Mix, Becky Hill, Tulisa, and perform alongside Mable, Jessie J and Nicole Sherzigner.

Eleni C has come onto the music scene with a powerful mind-set, as a passionate advocate for positive change. Eleni’s C’s National School Tour has been an overwhelming success and her determination to push her mental health message has been widely recognised.
Her Lyrics as well as her charity work with Young Minds U.K. Foundation effortlessly portray a young artist that is determined to be true to her words. Eleni C is well on her way to join the pantheon of Pop Stars whose music and charity work have become synonymous with a positive energy of change.