Rising latin-pop artist Dru Flecha just released her debut EP, Linda. The seven-track EP was elaborated over bolero samples from the ’50s, which were created back in 2011 by her father, the legendary DJ 13. Dru’s decision to use these samples for her EP came into play during a time of heartbreak and disappointment in her life.
Developing an alternate personality during those difficult times allowed Dru to create the character and soundtrack of Linda; a disconsolate poet who always had this passion for “the “man”. From heartfelt ballads to fun dance tracks, these songs will make listeners feel warm inside right for Valentines Day.

“To all those who are going through a breakup, to those who are happy in their relationships and to those who are not and are afraid of love. Love is everywhere if we know where to look for it. Happy Valentines Day”

It’s no coincidence that Andrea Molina was born on May 13, 2000. Her fathers stage name is DJ 13, to start with the most obvious parallel, but where the year 2000 universally signified a brand new millennium- a fresh start with endless possibilities- it nods here toward a passing of the torch. Andrea Molina is now 23-year-old artist Dru Flecha and she is at the cusp of carrying forward her dad‘s hip-hop pioneering legacy in route to blazing her own path.

“She is a multi-talented artist who grew up in a multi talented artist household” DJ 13 says of his daughter “Music is where everything comes together, I think she is an artist with a very strong identity, I think she represents the new wave and this new generation of artist that I think is always thinking outside of the box, and they’re just wired differently than the generation I came up with in the 90s. It’s so amazing to see that process. From when she recorded her first song when she was only two years old to now her making tracks weekly, She’s always been in the studio and so her perspective of the whole culture it’s from the inside it’s her DNA”.

Dru was born in Caracas Venezuela, to her musical dad and architectural mom. “When I was just a baby my parents were living in a house where it had a whole studio set up” she says “ there were always over 10 artist at the house working on music”. She attended her first ever concert at two years old. As Dru got older her father began taking her on tour with him. When she turned 12 she left Venezuela. by the time she turned 13 she moved to Paris, studied fashion and dove into acting school. Eventually at 17 years old and just shy of high school graduation she decided she needed to go live in LA with her father and start her music career.

Now a growing number of fans are listening to Dru with each new single release. First came “Bandolera” 2019 then followed by 2020 offerings such as “Bang”, “Cama” and “Blah”. The more Dru poured herself into the music the more drawn in people have been.