Dici’s Latest Single “u n i” Brings Forth Epic Charisma

Pop’s best players tend to be the most versatile, and while he’s still making a name for himself in mainstream circles, there’s no debate whether or not Dici is one of the more versatile artists coming out of his scene and generation at the moment. Even in a city like Miami, known to have one of the most competitive and exciting music scenes in all of America, Dici’s sound has been a standout, and his latest single “u n i” brings forth much of the same epic charisma he’s used to get this far beside a new, adventurously poppy cosmetic scheme sure to expand his fan base.

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Dici wants us to think about the lyrics in this track, and were this not the case, I don’t believe that he would have structured them with the poetic effect that he did (especially next to a rigid beat like the one in “u n i”). Although pressed by a distant bassline, his vocal is always soft and gentle in this mix as opposed to barking out verses simply to top the beat in the background, which is something I hear a lot of his peers doing lately. There’s substance here, and it goes beyond trying to get us moving to a specific rhythm.

There’s definitely a lot more attitude in the swing of the percussion in “u n i” than I would probably have gone with were I in the producer’s chair for these sessions, but I can also see where it works a little better than going with something obliquely minimalistic as well. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with developing a cut and dry groove when an artist is going light on the lead vocal, but with the lyrics feeling as weighty as they do in this performance, maybe a bit of excess in the drum element serves to balance out the big picture here.

Dici- u n i (Official Music Video)

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Indulgence certainly has a place and a role to play in this arrangement, and it’s important to highlight mainly because so few of Dici’s competitors have dared to experiment with this kind of componentry on their own. He doesn’t care what the industry standard is, nor the direction a trend in the underground is taking other artists similar to him – he’s got something he wants to get off of his chest in this performance, and he’s using whatever means necessary to accomplish the goals he has set before him.

I wouldn’t expect anything less than a truly provocative work from Dici this winter season, and “u n i” hits all the right notes and then some. If there’s something everyone else is hung up on, you can be sure that this player isn’t about to bend to the command of a scene but instead show us how profound a look he can produce when the others are fixated on one concept and one concept alone. “u n i” feels like an elaboration, an extension if you will, of the ambitiousness he introduced himself with, and this is probably the biggest reason I’m giving it a solid thumbs up.

Clay Burton