Rina Chanel’s New Single “Sweetest of Melody”

If you want to fall in love just listen to Rina Chanel’s new single Sweetest of Melody. It’ll inspire even the most cynical person to be excited about the magic of romance. That’s what Chanel nails with Sweetest of Melody, the remarkable feat of falling in love. This song is a bouquet of roses personified, it is all those inexplicable feelings and sensations wrapped up in an R&B masterpiece. Sweetest of Melody is a celebration of the genre itself, with saxophones, keyboards, and dreamy drums that send you back in time.

Sweetest of Melody features singer Senghor Robinson which only enhances the idyllic nature of the song. Chanel and Robinson are singing to each other about how special “their love” is for one another. Robinson’s feature makes Sweetest of Melody feel like a duet that was made in heaven. Both Chanel and Robinson have strong voices with incredible range that complement the lyrics and melodies. Sweetest of Melody is an extremely cohesive track with well-balanced performances and instrumentals. Although Sweetest of Melody isn’t as upbeat as “It Takes Two” by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, the effect is similar. I appreciated the use of the saxophone, it immediately transports you to an ethereal lounge where Chanel and Robinson are singing to you.

Sweetest of Melody

Listen to Sweetest of Melody on Spotify. Rina Chanel · Song · 2021.

Chanel sings with such ease and such commitment it brings this song to a higher realm. Chanel keeps the lyrics relatable with lyrics like “There were lovers near and far but no one ever mattered before you.” We’ve all had relationships that are just different than the rest, that make everything else pale in comparison. They’re difficult to describe to other people and are highly personal but somehow Chanel has captured those feelings with Sweetest of Melody. This song is a light in a world that can be very cynical towards the idea of true love. Chanel reminds listeners that, truly, when you know, you know. When the love is deep your heart swells just like Chanel’s voice does in the chorus.

Sweetest of Melody takes its time, lingering in all the right places. It is designed to uplift listeners, to get them in the mood, to remind them how wonderful and beautiful romance is. Chanel delivers a truly evocative R&B song that pays homage with its classic sound. One of my favorite parts of the song is when you can hear Chanel speaking French between Robinson’s verses. They use an effect on her voice that makes it just plain cool. Also, is there anything more romantic than a song that talks about the magic of falling in love and has French in it? The answer is no.

Rina Chanel’s new single is a masterful, exciting, and inspiring song about falling in love. Something we all love to watch, listen to, and experience. Chanel offers us a glimpse of that love and romance with Sweetest of Love. She reminds us to be captivated by it, to get swept up in the feelings, and that true love really is out there. Don’t miss this track!

Clay Burton