Building Success One Track at a Time: John Vento’s ‘Brick By Brick’ Hits the Airwaves!

The Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter is releasing his first new album of new material since 2018’s award-winning “Love, Lust & Other Wreckage.”

Blue-collar music veteran, John Vento has announced the release of his highly anticipated album, “Brick By Brick,” on May 19th, 2023. The album has been in the making for three years and is a true testament to Vento’s passion and dedication to his craft.

Produced by Vento and fellow Pittsburgh music stalwart, David Granati, “Brick By Brick” is a rock and roots-inspired album that captures the essence of Vento’s musical journey. The album is an ode to his blue-collar background and the struggles and triumphs that shaped his life. With his signature gritty vocals, Vento takes listeners on a reflective journey through americana, telling the tales of the working man.

The album features all-newly recorded and mastered versions of several of Vento’s chart-topping singles, as well as previously unreleased material.

John explains, ”Three years ago, I got in touch with David Granati to schedule some studio time. We wanted to finish a few songs that we had started, but never completed, on our last project (“Love, Lust, & Other Wreckage” – 2018). These sessions were my first studio vocal recordings since I had two vocal cord procedures the prior year. But thanks to the coaching of Beth Claussen and some of Dave’s homemade red wine, I got through it! Finishing those few tunes led to a creative surge (maybe it was the wine), and the next thing I knew, we were working on a bunch of new songs.’

“Even though I had no plans for another album, I came up with a working title of ‘Brick by Brick.’ It meant taking it one song at a time and creating whatever might come in a structured method. We released five new tracks over the first year (2020 – 2021), but by late 2021, I realized we were rushing the process and not giving the material all the love and attention needed to create good music. That’s when I got serious and critical with everything we were working on. With David Granati, Bob Zigerelli, and George Perilli as my main guys, it was easy to get serious and critical! These dudes are pros and high-level music makers, a true blessing for someone like me. Now,15 new songs later, ten of which will be featured on the album, we’re excited to release it!”

Watch the video for title track, “Brick by Brick” at

ABOUT JOHN VENTO: Since 2018, John Vento’s tracks have amassed more than 200K Spotify streams, while clocking numerous trips to the top of the iTunes charts around the globe, both as a solo artist and with The Nieds Hotel Band. He has also been nominated and won multiple industry awards for his music and videos.

Vento is also well-known for his work with multiple charitable causes. Not only is John the co-founder of non-profit, Band Together Pittsburgh, working with those on the autism spectrum, but he is also heavily involved with the Remember Me Rose Garden, in memory of the Flight 93 Heroes.