Andy Ross Announces Symbolic Song “I Stand For You”

A man with great respect for his country, Andy Ross makes a bold, heartfelt proclamation in his new patriotic single, “I Stand For You,” releasing June 2. Written from the perspective of the American Flag, the country song details the importance and symbolism of the Flag – from freedom and truth to unwavering stability.

“I know that many artists have written songs about our flag. I have also written a lot of patriotic songs,” says Ross. “I have often wondered what the flag would say if it had a voice. I did my best to give the flag a voice and put its best wave forward.”

Andy Ross is an ‘American Rebel’ whose support of our great nation is steadfast. His admiration for the freedoms this country offers extends far beyond a song – his story is one of the American Dream. Overcoming doubts and failures to achieve a plethora of success; Ross is the founder and CEO of American Rebel Holdings which is uplisted to NASDAQ (AREB), former Host of Maximum Archery World Tour on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel, and a patriotic-rocker taking his brand of high-energy, country rock ‘n’ roll on tour this summer.

“I Stand For You” will be available on all streaming platforms June 2, just before Flag Day. Pre-save / pre-add the song on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more HERE []. “Andy is as patriotic as it comes, and this new song is so beautifully written,” states Dawn DeJongh, owner of Burning Ground Entertainment. For additional information on Andy Ross, visit and follow him on social media @andyrossrebel.