“We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” by Water to Wine

While there are a few different elements to appreciate right off the bat in the new single “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” by Water to Wine, the most intriguing from an instrumental perspective is likely the string play, which works as a foundation to every word in the track. This is quite the lyrical offering, but without the underlying warmth of the guitar parts, one is inclined to wonder whether or not Water to Wine would be able to create as pastoral an environment with “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” as they ultimately do in this instance.

These harmonies are quite fetching and draw us closer to the music without question, but because they’re a bit overstated in the mix, I think they take something away from the casual nature of the rhythm. As much as I love what the vocal is creating for the front end of this song, the drums had something equally inspired to contribute, and their element isn’t nearly as prominent in the arrangement as it should be. Cosmetically speaking this was a miss, but structurally I can understand what Water to Wine was going for in doing things the way they did here.

Because the percussion lacks a meandering sensibility I would otherwise have considered standard for a performance like this one, there’s a lot more of an open-air feel to the mastering of this single that would not have been present for us in another scenario. Water to Wine wants for us to feel just how breathable these beats are, and in doing things in a manner that others would have easily dismissed as a little too experimental for the mainstream, they’re setting a much higher standard than what a lot of the competition knows how to deal with right now.

We’re Gonna Have a Big Time

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There’s no need to force texture into the fold here, and Water to Wine wouldn’t think of doing as much in “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time;” after all, I think there’s enough of an imposing force from the instrumental parts to compensate for any streamlined componentry in the arrangement. This is a country crossover unit that puts a lot more thought and love into the model than what we’re expecting, but that’s part of the reason why even their bolder moves feel natural and fetching to the ears. This is a band that owns their sound, and that’s obvious listening to this song.

You’re not alone if you’ve been hearing great things about Water to Wine but getting curious about what all of the fuss has been about in 2022, and with the release of a song like “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time,” we’re again reminded why this is one of the more important indie acts in their scene to keep up with at the moment, especially within the context of up and coming stars in the country music genre. Forget the puritans in country who will tell you that stepping to the left isn’t compositionally smart; this track stands contrary to such a statement, and it’s worth your time this summer for sure.

Clay Burton