Water To Wine’s “Good Time’n” (SINGLE)

Lockdowns and music make string connections in 2020, and Water To Wine’s “Good Time’n” deals with the subject of getting together at the weeks’ end to have a good time even if it is only temporarily in the virtual sense. The pandemic has produced a year of music not everyone was sure they would release once the virus got around, but some artists and bands forged on anyway. That means releases got backed up and delayed but it does not mean projects stopped coming and studios have been empty, and Water To Wine has risen to the latter challenge without hesitation.

Not everyone is getting through the times as easily as the next, but music has the spirit needed to pass such times away and Water To Wine should be thanked for another solution rather than contribution to the problem. This band even have masks for sale on their website as they stay up on all things pandemic and music at the same time, but most importantly they deliver when many either don’t or cannot during a crisis, which there is always a share of both anytime a crisis hits the music industry because it hits everything around what generates it.

The country sound of “Good Time’n” is only factor about it, as the band equally balance it with an ever-present rock vibe throughout with bursting changes between the two which perfectly contrasts their dual sound with some softer rock touches thrown in. The songwriting is where they make tremendous strides, but the track also has a life of its own which keeps it of the moment it was recorded. Water To Wine put together something layered but also fresh sounding as if it were recorded in one take and it sounds cleverly easy but it’s more of a magic all their own.

MORE ON THE BAND: watertowineband.com/?fbclid=IwAR0G5fUTJ6S2Kcc4CRqxzTen0MwSgEIMWJJpFt96R5WgXRXQQbqYJqBLO7s

If you ever get bogged down by the week and feel like going out and celebrating for the sake of it, “Good Time’n” is the remedy because it covers the entire subject of shedding off the stress of a regular work week. If you apply that to the depressing lockdowns and think about how any are unemployed and seeing it the other way around, it’s all in there regardless of the circumstances, but it fits right into the grand scheme of things and that’s what the connection it. Music and good times bring people together, no music and bad times can do the opposite. These soldiers are need for the task.

“Good Time’n” is one of the best country and rock songs for the masses in 2021, as I ponder it before it is out and reflect on the strong message it sends and predict it does the same to anyone hearing it. I can also say if you have not heard Water To Wine, it is as good a place to start as any, and some more music and video at their website is one way to catch up. The band have loads of soul behind their country and rock rooted Americana sensibilities, all of which this song is chock full of.

Clay Burton