Vikki Sota’s journey is an inspiring one. The young recording artist, writer, and performer branched off early from music and runs Quality Sound Studios in the Los Angeles area. This broad-based approach to his professional life is already paying off and it’s reasonable to expect it will continue doing so for many years to come.




He’s adopted Vikki SOTA as his stage name. It is some provocative tinsel for modern audiences but, ultimately, it doesn’t matter because his identity is far more than just a name or moniker. We hear his identity in his latest single release “Run Up My Bands” and its accompanying music video, we see it in his business decisions. Everything that he does burns with a sense of purpose we do not always see in young professionals, no matter what field, but SOTA’s degree of self-possession is high. This is someone who knows himself well, understands people, and has a specific position he wants to occupy in the world. He is inviting us to be a part of his voyage to reach those heights.

ViKKi SOTA – Run up my bands (Official Music Video)

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He knows how to give back. It is the right way of giving back too, a substantive way of returning the favor that produces real results, rather than played-out tax deductible gestures. He gives back by setting a positive example for others to follow. SOTA came up without any of the blandishments or rewards of wealth, he asked for nothing except opportunity, and worked multiple jobs while attending and, eventually, completing college. He illustrates the timeless lesson that anyone can pull himself up the ladder by dint of will, talent, and spirit alone.

This lesson is as important as ever as our world continues grappling with the pandemic. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, we never want individuals forgetting they are never doomed to blindly accept fate. Destiny is ours to grab.

Run up my bands

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SOTA has seized his as if it is a birthright and it continues growing and evolving with each new turn in his life. The latest chapter of his story has him currently working on an EP release, Genesis. It is certain to further solidify his standing as one of the genre’s pre-eminent talents. Next year or after, there may be a full-length album. Who knows? One thing that is for sure, however, is there will always be a new horizon for Vikki SOTA, always a new mountain to climb. This is the first of many peaks. His talent and tireless work ethic will sustain him as he continues developing his career and there are, undoubtedly, many fine collaborators along the way who will help shape and define his legacy.

Clay Burton