Vessbroz featuring Kyle Davis – Nothing

Vessbroz featuring Kyle Davis – Nothing


The team of singer/songwriter Kyle Davis with acclaimed Malaysian based EDM tandem Vessbroz score big with their new single “Nothing” taken from Vessbroz’s forthcoming full length album Lost. Massachusetts born talent Kyle Davis has a coming of age moment of sorts with this song and, likely, the entire album thanks to a show stopping display of songwriting chops and performing skill. It’s a culmination, of sorts, to a journey that began for Davis as a young boy and has succeeded in carrying him into an ideal musical relationship with one of the best musical units working in a pop music vein today. “Nothing” and its accompanying musical arrangement succeed in reaching the audience on an intellectual, physical, and emotional level with an impact you don’t typically experience with EDM or pop music. Despite this level of excellence, it’s a sleek and accessible performance.

If you expect a heavy handed touch on this track, common to many of the cruder acts working in this style, you’ll be happy to find that’s not the case. Vessbroz have an obvious penchant for artfully invoking atmospherics with their music, but they do so with a discerning ear that few of their contemporaries share. Bringing Kyle Davis’ talents into the fold for this single and accompanying album is an artistic masterstroke. His vocal and songwriting presence helps stamp something indelible on “Nothing” and one cannot help but be affected by the emotive edge he supplies to the lyrics. Davis’ technical strengths come into play at a number of key points, particularly in secondary vocal tracks providing harmonic accompaniment to the main vocal, These points never feel like especially stagy moments and, instead, add some extra flair to songwriting that already sparks with fierce passion. His voice is the key instrument that pushes this song over the top and one can only suspect it is the same case with his remaining contributions on the new album.

One can only expect, as well, that the lyrics meet the same high standard set here. It’s to his credit that Davis sees EDM tracks like this as an ideal forum for him to write about his life and experiences and, despite his youth, Davis has clearly mastered the art of making the personal universal. His text has substantive value on its own, but it likewise complements the arrangement very nicely and certain key phrases strewn through the song noticeably amp up its percussive power. This is a seminal moment in the careers of all involved, but it seems like a real starmaking turn for Kyle Davis. He’s thrown every bit of himself into “Nothing” and you can hear that commitment coming through in every line – based on this alone, we can surely expect that the remaining tracks exhibit the same focus. Kyle Davis and Vessbroz prove to be an uniquely powerful combination and the first single from their forthcoming album will attract some much deserved attention.


Michael Saulman