Venus on Fire

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Location: Minneapolis, MN, US
Description: Venus On Fire’s straight ahead rock and roll CD is old school, yet as fresh as it gets. Borrowing bouncy licks from everyone from Pat Benetar to the Sundays, Venus On Fire lays it out with crisp, melodic success.
Venus on Fire , who’s band members include Victoria (vocals), Leng (guitar), David (drums), and Andy (pianist), have an exceptional taste in melding styles and textures. They also have a powerhouse singer and powerhouse performances which have been highlighted in TV show, Inside Entertainment, Unplug Magazine and They have sold out performances at the Hard Rock Cafe’. They’ve caught the attention of Grammy Award Winning Producer, Drew Correa, who has produced Lil’ Wayne’s last album Prom Queen. Venus on Fire has been offered to write a song in submission to his new upcoming CD.

They returned from their Hot Topic Tour. This opportunity came about due to a well executed marketing strategy after bringing in their music to a Hot Topic store and worked their magic on the Manager and District Manager.

Venus on Fire have that teen age appeal, light rock, great vocals, great guitar riffs and that bass, keeping the song in a suspenseful tone.

They have also been inspired by groups like, The Beatles, Lights, Green Day, Foo Fighters and more; they absorb everything around them like a sponge and what comes out of them afterwards is pure magic. Their single, Thank You, was released in September 2009.

Venus on Fire is a MySpace discovered band.

They are currently working with Grammy award winning producer, Drew Correa. Correa’s credits include a production credit on Lil Wayne’s Prom Queen disc.

Venus on Fire just finished a sponsored tour with Hot Topic, which spanned over a dozen shows.

Venus on Fire has played to sold out crowds at The Hard Rock Cafe, have been featured on the television show ‘Inside Entertainment’, and were featured in Unplug Magazine to name just a few of their many accomplishments.

Venus on Fire is being managed by Vladimir Xiong. The band consists of lead vocalist Victoria Vang and backing members Andrew Pen, David Yang, and Leng Moua.

-T.V. PR Tanya Vece

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